Q:  How  do  I  know I’m getting  all  the  deductions I’m entitled  to?
A:  A thorough  interview, a review  of  current  laws as   to  how  it  applies, and a good faith effort in making sure the client’s questions are answered and they are satisfied.

Q:  Is the sale of my home taxable?
A:  Generally  not  if  you  lived  there two  of  the  previous  five  years.

Q:  How many homes is interest deductible?
A:  Principle residence and one other residence. $100,000 of home equity interest is also available.

Q:  Are business expenses deductible?
A:  It depends on whether taxpayer is employee or self-employed.

Q:  Is auto mileage for a second job deductible?
A:  Auto mileage is deductible between your first auto trip out and last auto trip home.

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